Patch Notes ver

Nov 8, 2023

  • Story Arc is now removed and new players can launch straight into Patrol from the hangar.
Quality of Life
  • Random encounters should spawn earlier and more frequently when in Patrol.
  • Random encounters should no longer linger in your missions list.
  • Enemy mechs now have clearer colors indicating their aligned factions.
  • Keyboard schematic added to the settings page.
  • Enemy attacks now do more damage to increase challenge factor for encounters.
  • Radio missions stay on the screen longer to give pilots more time to evaluate them.
  • Resnode resource drops in Zone B have been rebalanced.
  • Flash effect for Gieren muzzle has been reduced to avoid excessive strobing.
  • Draw distance rendering adjusted to avoid distant objects popping up.
  • Frame rate should no longer drop when taking hull damage from explosions.
  • Mech legs now rotate closer to the speed of the upper torso.
  • Adjustments made to intensity of lights emitting from mechs.
  • Missions in the Mechpad now have clearer designs to indicate their status.
  • Various typos and missing text strings have been corrected in the menu and dialogue pop ups.
  • Ammo bars will turn opaque when the mech is sprinting to indicate weapons cannot be fired.
Bug Fixes
  • Collected items should now display correctly upon completion of a Patrol.
  • Location names should no longer pop up excessively after crossing into them.
  • Random encounters should no longer occur whilst a mission is in progress.
  • Exhausted Illal’s supply of paint giving enemy mechs a fresh coat to make them pop in Patrol.