Patch Notes ver

Aug 4, 2023


  • Muffled audio should no longer occur if your game instance rejoins after being disconnected.
  • A hangar bug deactivating the Start Contract button after repairing a destroyed mech has been fixed.
  • Adam Slek will no longer freeze during mission six.
  • Adam Slek will no longer shoot backwards during “Use of Weapons”.
  • Barriers can no longer be traversed over.
  • The laser gate to Wyndham Moors should no longer be breachable.
  • During the first Story Mission (Starfall), the shield animation should no longer get stuck upon spawning in. 
  • Enemy nameplates and health bars should no longer disappear. 
  • Fixed a bug that allowed two instances of the game to be played by the same account on separate devices.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an infinite load notice in the hangar during repair sequences.
  • Fixed a bug where VO text disappeared from the M-PAD dialogue box in some instances. 
  • Game load screen with the Hawken Reborn logo should no longer stay stuck when first connecting to a server.
  • Havn should not keep shooting after all enemies are defeated on story mission two.
  • Players will no longer experience a game freeze after completing story mission six.
  • The drone that blocks progression by not dying during mission five now disappears as intended.
  • Underground drone during “Dangerous Games” now appears as normal.


  • All front end tutorial prompts in the hangar have been disabled.
  • Enemy difficulties should now be balanced to Player Threat Level.
  • Resnode locations and their resources dropped have been balanced.
  • Resnodes will now drop resources appropriate to their name and appearance.
  • Balanced material drop rates to more effectively factor in a mech’s TL when certain materials are dropped.


  • Frame rate cap increased to 60, 90, 120, and 144 FPS.
  • Volumetric fog by default should no longer make the world look dull and flat.
  • Misc. mech clipping issues resolved in certain areas of the Refuge.
  • Resolution will remain the same when changing between windowed and fullscreen mode.
  • The application window can no longer be resized to any size.
  • There should no longer be blurriness when switching from windowed mode to fullscreen mode.

Patrol Mode

  • Patrol Mode is now accessible after playing the first Story Arc mission and is accessible through the hangar menu.
  • Mission Director should give previously completed missions less frequently in Patrol Mode.
  • Long Patrol Mode sessions should no longer crash.
  • Threat Level should now increase at a faster pace.
  • Total playtime in Patrol Mode should now display correctly upon exiting.
  • Mission completed screens will now display schematics earned as intended.
  • Patrol Mode now has a new narrative introduction when loading into it for the first time.
  • Players should no longer be able to destroy the payload on the A Little Something Extra Patrol mission.
  • The “Rearm Weapons” option in Patrol Mode should no longer display weapons with a full capacity.

Quality of Life

  • All cutscenes are now skippable.
  • Enemy difficulties should now be balanced to Player Threat Level.
  • During a LAN disconnection from the internet, the game should send players back to the title screen to avoid continued gameplay that results in lost resources.
  • The application should now minimize when changing tabs.


  • Cockpit UI updated with a larger ammo counter and thicker health/shield bars for better visibility.
  • Settings can now be adjusted prior to loading into the first mission.
  • Thrusters now display additional stats pertinent to their additional characteristics during different states of use.
  • A range of Hangar visual tweaks to the UI were made for clarity, including a reduction in transparency of panels, and outlining mech stats.
  • After reaching Pilot Level 25, players should no longer see the Level Cap Reached pop up window after the first time.
  • Apply Settings and Reset Settings options have been added to the menu. 
  • Changing resolutions no longer requires cycling through different screen sizes until finding the desired choice.
  • Enemies should no longer have small and unreadable health bars/nameplates.
  • Front end mech stats should be easier to understand with clearer respective units of measure.
  • Listening to an audio log will be better indicated on the screen.
  • Replaced misc. placeholder text in the hangar.
  • Reward names and icons will now appear correctly for story missions.
  • The waypoint icon will be visible at all times on the radar.
  • Various UI quality of life changes for better legibility and more intuitive placements.


  • Clipping has been fixed for various rocky structures around the world.
  • During mission two, players should have sufficient resources for the Marathon thruster when reaching this part of the crafting.
  • Players should receive their mission rewards appropriately when completing story missions.
  • Repairing your mech should now have a cost as intended in the hangar.
  • Greased some gears, cogs, thingamajigs and whatchamacallits to create a smoother ride for pilots.