Patch Notes ver

May 31, 2023


  • After destruction, some enemy weapons should no longer remain floating
  • Pilots will no longer clip through Renegade Asteroids
  • The payload’s shields and health should now update accurately in real-time 
  • In-game mouse sensitivity should now be unaffected by external DPI settings
  • Players should no longer be soft locked during FE4’s tutorial after restarting the game
  • During the second Story Arch Mission (A0E2), progression will no longer be blocked if a pilot does not collect a corroded metal node 

Patrol Mode

  • Random encounters difficulty will now scale up along with the zone Threat Level
  • Playing certain missions several times in a single Patrol Mode will no longer reset the mission’s Threat Level to the zone’s base Threat Level
  • Threat Level increases for random encounters will now factor in a Pilot’s activities that impact the Threat Level of the Zone, such as taking down enemies, completing content etc.
  • Issues with loading times/delays in starting Patrol mode should now be fixed
  • Players attempting to go in and out of Patrol following completion of A0E4 and FE4 should no longer be stopped from progressing through gameplay


  • Players should no longer see debug messaging when assembling a platform in the workshop 
  • Nyx’s text during the tutorial has been revised to avoid confusion
  • Fixed some missing text strings in the hangar for weapons, thrusters, and platforms
  • Missing Scrip will now correctly display during the Mission Complete menu
  • Elements of leftover submenu elements should no longer appear in the hangar
  • Players should no longer see references to the “beta” on in-game messaging 


  • Pressing TAB during the A0E2 Mission where Sun Mi prompts you to hit tab to open mission details no longer goes straight to the settings menu
  • The “QUIT GAME” option is now available from the mech pad settings 
  • Players accessing the game on a new account should no longer fail to reconnect to servers after restarting the game
  • Pilots should no longer be stuck in an infinite loading screen that requires a restart to fix 
  • Additional bolts tightened and gears grease

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